Saturday, April 4, 2009

hi hi hi
below is the pic of cupcakes in single paxes as orderd by kak N on her wedding. (tertinggal lupa nak upload itu hari)

view from the side.
theme: pink n green.

below is the pic one part of muffin order we received.

choc chip muffin. we also can produce other flavor: banana,raisins,suggest anything and we'll try to bake it!

ok.and this one is a birthday gift for dr. laila from achue.

that's all folks.thanks for dropping by!
hello there.we meet again.
this time i would like to share with you some pics of recent orders we received.

this one is as orderd by kak baby for her cousin's wedding. she asked for cupcakes with heart shape and rose decoration.

kak baby also ordered 25 pcs of roses in single paxes. we also put up pink ribbon and flowers as minimal decoration.

tadaa.the 25 roses in single paxes.

these are flowers ordered by achue's friend. she asked for flowers deco as the topping.

2 days ago we delivered order of 300 choc chip muffins for a function held at the hospital. will look up for the pics in timbunan2 gambar lain.and will definitely post that one later ok?

see ya!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

okay as an additional.below is mija's cupcakes in its square box with minimal decoration (ribbon je pun)

and this one.for soccer fans.cupcakes with your fav club logo as its topping.
(pssss.i heard from a friend that chelsea fc is not a favorite among soccer that true?)
oh this one is sent to utm skudai for their entrepreneur club sales whatever (i'm not sure)

okay.will get back to you guys soon.ta~

we are truly very sorry for the delayed updating process of this blog.
lack of time,mounting orders,works,internet problems yaddyadya..
however,we managed to uploads some pics from our previous orders here!

(oh yes.sila sengetkan kepala anda)

this one is as ordered by mak nek for her niece's engagement day.this one came in hexagon box with decorations.

a better view of the cupcakes.

this one you have to senget2 kepala juga ya.

this one is a gift for mija on her wedding day.

actually there are some more pics.but you know,there are too many places to store sampaikan tak ingat kat mana save gambar2 tersebut.haha.

promise will upload those pics soon okay?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009